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Are Outdoor Furniture Cushions Waterproof?

Many outdoor café and restaurant owners have little trouble finding the right furniture cushion colour and style to complement their outdoor deck design. However, what’s even more important to consider is whether the cushions are waterproof.
That’s because even if your restaurant deck has awning, it’s not enough to keep your outdoor furniture cushion safe from the elements.
The fact is not all outdoor furniture cushions are waterproof. Better designs though are water-resistant; but still, they are no match for Australia’s harsh and changeable weather.
Australia is known for its extreme weather conditions, where it can be scorching hot one moment and rainy or freezing the next. If you’re not careful about your choice of outdoor furniture cushions, especially in making sure they are made of waterproof materials, your once beautiful cushions can quickly turn into a soggy and saggy heap.
Here, you have two options. You can either waterproof your furniture cushions or replace them with waterproof ones.
Waterproofing your outdoor furniture cushions
In the outdoor restaurant business, having waterproof outdoor furniture cushions will prevent your customers from accidentally soaking their clothes and ensure your restaurant deck will always be ready to use anytime and in any weather. For this project you will need a waterproofing spray.
Now the process of waterproofing your outdoor furniture cushions follows these simple steps:
1. Clean the cushions, as dirt will render your waterproofing spray ineffective
2. Allow them to dry thoroughly  
3. Lay the cushions on a clean flat surface
4. Hold the spray can between six and eight inches above the cushions   
5. Spray evenly and make sure the entire surface is covered in waterproofing material without oversaturating it
6. Leave them for about an hour and then apply a second coat 
7. After the second coat, allow the cushions to dry thoroughly for about three to four hours 
8. Flip them over and then do the other side as well
Waterproofing your cushions this way is not permanent. Depending on the quality of the spray you used or type of fabric, how often you may need to reapply waterproofing can vary. Generally though, reapplication of waterproofing material is needed every season.

What materials to choose for your outdoor furniture cushions
Outdoor furniture cushions vary as to the type of materials they’re made of. So considering that your cushions will be exposed to the elements, it is important to buy only those that are waterproof. Otherwise, the extremes in the Australian climate will surely damage them.
As a reputable café or restaurant owner, you can’t compromise on the quality of your cushions, outdoor restaurant chairs, stools, Metro 8 seat table and outdoor café bar stools. Your customers always deserve the best.
So here’s an important tip: When choosing waterproof furniture cushions for your outdoor café or restaurant, check that the filling and inner lining are waterproof as well.

Cotton canvas outdoor café chair cushions
Canvas, although relatively plain-looking, is a sturdy inexpensive material and is ideal for many outdoor applications such as outdoor café stool or restaurant chair cushions. Also they come in many attractive colours.
However, as canvas isn’t inherently waterproof, you need to treat it with waterproof spray before using.

Vinyl cushions for your outdoor restaurant chairs, tools and tables
Another popular outdoor furniture cushion material is polyvinyl chloride or simply vinyl. One advantage vinyl has over most other materials is that it is in itself waterproof, ideal for outdoor applications. Its major drawback though is that vinyl being plastic makes it quite uncomfortable for use in direct skin contact – especially in warm weather.

Duck cloth outdoor furniture cushion
This type of fabric is sometimes mistaken for canvas, due to its similar construction, except that duck cloth’s weave is noticeably tighter when comparing them side by side. Although a bit more expensive than cotton canvas, duck cloth’s tighter weave also makes it more durable than cotton.
Duck cloth’s one disadvantage though is it’s much harder to dye or customise than cotton. If printing your own design on the material is a big thing for you, you may find cotton more to your liking. Now, just like cotton canvas, duck cloth needs to be treated with waterproofing spray for outdoor use.

Olefin fibre waterproof café stool cushions
Olefin fibre or polypropylene is synthetic material valued by outdoor café owners for its durability and low maintenance qualities. Olefin is able to resist sun, heat, moulds, moisture and rain with ease. So if you’re thinking of getting maintenance free outdoor furniture cushions, then olefin is your fabric of choice.

Textilene waterproof cushions for outdoor café stools, tables and chairs
If you’re looking for fade resistant, sun resistant and waterproof material for your outdoor cushions, this is one of the best you’ll ever find. Textiline is PVC coated polyester fabric ideal for outdoor restaurant chairs, stools and furniture. Also its waterproof and sunproof properties make it ideal for sun shades and sling seating.
As if those benefits are not enough, textiline is flame retardant as well as mould resistant. However, considering that this material is synthetic, it’s not as comfortable as say cotton canvas or duck cloth.

Weighing your options
If all you’re looking for is outdoor furniture cushions that are safe, functional and waterproof, all of these materials will do an excellent job in keeping your customers happy and loyal. Your decision in this matter will tend to affect more your brand image, reflected through your tastes and personality.
Also don’t underestimate the importance of maintenance. Just because your fabric isn’t susceptible to moulds doesn’t mean you don’t have to wipe them down after rain. Whichever type of material you choose, giving your outdoor waterproof furniture cushions proper care and maintenance will help lengthen their life.

Where to go for high quality outdoor café chairs, tables, stools and cushions
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Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Gentas Anthracite Table Top
The Werzalit Gentas Duratop table top is a quality, seamless, hygienic and functional table top suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It is the mainstay of Australia’s hospitality and catering industry. This table top is by far the best value for money and is backed with our 2 year warranty – Visit our warranty page for further information.
The Werzalit Gentas Duratop Table Tops are manufactured in Turkey by Gentas, using the renowned resin moulding process. Available in a select range of sizes and finishes, these tops are durable, weatherproof, inexpensive and attractive!
The foundation of each Werzalit Gentas Duratop Table Top is a mix of quality hardwoods and softwoods, kiln-dried and blended with synthetic resins as well as anti-rot and anti-moisture agents. This mixture is compressed at 140°C under high pressure before the hardwearing and decorative layers are applied and inseparably moulded together.
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Bali Table
The Siesta Bali Table 940 x 940 has an aluminium frame providing this table with extraordinary strength, covered with a rattan look resin which is produced by the latest generation of air moulding technology with a single injection of polypropylene. Will never unravel, rust or decay. UV Stabilised this table will not fade or go brittle under direct sunlight. Suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial use. Very easy to clean, just hose it down.


Air Barstool

The Air Barstool 75 by Siesta is a polypropylene stool produced in Europe using the latest generation of air moulding technology. It is produced with a single injection mould of polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre providing it with excellent durability and strength. UV stabilised it will not fade or go brittle under direct sunlight. It is suitable for all indoor and outdoor commercial applications. Designed to drain water, water will not pool on its seat. The Air Stool by Siesta has been designed and shaped for maximum comfort. The Air Barstool 75 is a new stool designed for the future and manufactured with the latest technology. It will not date, it will exceeded all expectations with its long lasting durability.